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How to Set Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Highest Possible Resolution

Set Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Highest Possible Resolution !!

Samsung recently launched their flagship smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus at MWC 2018 held in Barcelona. The smart phones have some noticeable features like the Ultra slow motion videos at insane 960 fps and new AR emojis. Samsung Galaxy S9 also has best display ever on a smartphone beating the  iPhone 10 and Google pixel 2 XL. However the true power of display in not enabled by default. You have to do little things to set the display of Samsung galaxy S9 to highest resolution.

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The highest possible resolution on Samsung S9 is 1440p but by default 1080(FHD+) is applied to increase the battery life and faster performance. But it doesn’t seems right as the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the latest and fastest processor the Snapdragon 845.

Snapdragon 845 is so powerful that it can handle anything without any frame drops even at the resolution of 1440p. And at the same time providing you the battery for all day as S9 has 3000mAh battery. So we recommend you to use your Galaxy S9 at highest possible resolution.

So Here is How to Set Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Highest Possible Resolution Out of the Box

Step 1 :: open ‘Display’ Inside ‘Settings’

Head onto the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9’s either by pulling down on the notification bar and tapping on the settings icon or directly open the settings app from the App drawer.

Now in the settings Find Display” and open it.

Step 2 :: Set Resolution to 1440p

Now tap on “Screen Resolution”. After that a scale will be presented in front of you displaying the resolutions from 720p to 1440p. By default the medium resolution 1080p wil be selected. There will be three options one of 720p which looks blurry and comes with lower end smartphones and other of 1080p and 1440p. You have to select the highest resolution of 1440p which will be on the right side of the scale. So just slide the slider to the (1440p) and tap “Apply”  to save the changes. In case you are happy with 1080p just hit “Cancel“.

So that’s all for how to Set Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Highest Possible Resolution . The content specially the videos looks really amazing at the 1440p. So what are you planning to watch tell us down below in the comments section.

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