Netflix is known for its comedy specials, and they have a vast gamut of these standups which include big names like Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, etc. amusing the audiences. To add its already massive library of stand ups, Netflix got Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity as a 1-hour special. The charity event was started by Seth Rogen and his wife Laura Miller Rogen in 2012 to spread awareness regarding Alzheimer’s and other diseases. From that point onwards they have brought in well-known stars to perform at the event. So when Netflix and Seth Rogen announced that they would be bringing the show to the audience worldwide, I was pretty excited about it. The comedy style of Seth Rogen has always chuckled, and because of that, I had huge expectations from this Netflix special.

What to expect from Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity?

The show opens with Seth smoking some weed and interacting with John live in front of audiences. As Seth and his gang which includes actors like Jonah Hill, James Franco are known for their smoking habits; the opening bit felt quite apt. However, just 5 minutes into the show we are bombarded with dick jokes and that is not the bad thing about these jokes as none of these jokes land correctly so that you laugh out loud. You as an audience try your best to chuckle but are left embarrassed by the jokes.


Then Seth takes the stage and introduces us to the vast lineup of comedians, actors that include names like Sacha Baron CohenMichael CheJames Corden, Jeff Goldblum, Tiffany Haddish, John Mulaney, The Muppets, Kumail Nanjiani, Michelle Wolf and Sarah Silverman which somewhat makes you hopeful that maybe others will deliver their best. Then Michael Che takes the stage as first performer that his standup takes the show another level down. His racist and gender biased jokes fall completely flat on the surface; even the live audience finds challenging to laugh at.
At this point, I felt cheated but still believed that something would be there to cheer me up and thank God, for the Muppets as they rescued the drowning ship with their clean and good comic sense. Kumail Nanjiani who accompanied the Muppets didn’t bring much to the show and felt little less used for the talent he possesses. After perfect sing along by Muppets, next up we have Michelle Wolf known for her excellent standup acts, and she reasonably lived up to the hopes and gave a good performance.
But for me, the best bit of the whole show was Sacha Baron Cohen‘s impression of David Attenborough as he completely steals the limelight with on-point imitation. As Sacha Baron Cohen narrates the parody of Planet Earth surrounding the life of creature named Seth. This bit will surely make you laugh, and at the end of it, you will realize how much you have missed Sacha Baron Cohen.The perfect act by Sacha is following by John Malleny, and I can say that he delivers a last good performance in the whole show as after this the show takes another dip and fails to come back till the very end.

I appreciate the efforts of Seth and his wife for spreading awareness and helping throughout America by organizing this event. Their speech in the middle surely make your eyes wet and pushes you to provide as much as little help who are suffering from this deadly disease. However, on whole the show was a let down for me as I expected quality in the product because of the name like Seth Rogen associated with it.

You catch out Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity on Netflix.