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Seven Deadly Sins 271 Spoilers Reveal Hawk’s History

In the Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 270, ban finally met Meliodas’s emotions that were stolen by Demon King and transferred to Purgatory. They both made plan to escape from Purgatory by beating the hell out of Demon King. During their way to find Demon King, they encountered with a giant Boar who looked like Hawk but he introduced himself as Wild. He offered them help to tell Demon King’s location in exchange for helping him find his lost brother. Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 271 has not been aired yet but major Seven Deadly Sins 271 Spoilers have been leaked online. So let’s discuss Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 271 Spoilers.

Seven Deadly Sins 271 Spoilers

These are the rough translation of the leaked Seven Deadly Sins 271 Spoilers scans online.

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 271 Spoilers Summary

The chapter will continue the Ban and Meliodas’s conversation with Wild. Upon asking about his brother Ban and Meliodas tell Wild that his little brother must be Hawk. But he says that his brother’s name must be mild. Wild tells that Hawk or Mild was disappeared at the time of his birth, therefore, he doesn’t remember his name. He asks Ban and Meliodas about his brother. At this Ban tries to behave like Hawk when he suffers from diarrhea and starts laughing. Ban and Meliodas visit the Wild’s house and he serves them the wart tea made from chichipoin’s buttwart. After relaxing Wild tells them the history of Hawk.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 271 Spoilers- History Of Hawk

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 271 Spoilers

Wild tells them that right after his birth Demon King abducted Mild and sent him some separate place from Purgatory about 8 million years ago. In Britannia Hawk wakes up about 16 years ago, Ban thinks that if they consider one-minute equals to one year in Purgatory then the time gets equal.

Wild says he doesn’t know the reason behind his brother’s abduction. Meanwhile, Meliodas tells the reason behind the sending of Hawk to another world to keep eyes on him as he is Demon’s King son. Wild gets shocked and aks Meiliodas and Ban’s name and the reason behind the choice of Demon King to use his brother to be an observer. The Demon King first used the animals of our world to observe me in order for me to not be cautious, Meliodas says. Hawk’s brother becomes worried about him and asks more about him.

Wild thinks that Mild or Haw must have grown up and become a robust warrior like him. Ban says that he is captain of the scrap disposal order. Wild starts freaking out and gets shocked after hearing this but he thinks Mild still as his brother.

Seven Deadly Sins 271 chapter will reveal more about the Hawk’s relationship with Wild and his history. So, what are your thoughts about Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 271 Spoilers??

You can look the leaked scans from here.

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