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Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 270 Spoilers Confirmed Hawk’s Relative In Purgatory

After the furious battles from fronts of the Holy Arc, Seven Deadly Sins ( Nanatsu No Taizai ) shows the scenes from the Purgatory in previous chapters. Ban has been sent to the Purgatory to recover Meliodas’s emotions which are stolen by the demon king. Seven Deadly Sins chapter 269 shows the Ban’s hairs have grown long and he looked completely different. He fought for years there in search of Meliodas’s emotions and finally met him. In the chapter, they also discussed to get away from Purgatory by killing Demon King. Chapter 270 is not aired yet but Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 270 Spoilers have been leaked online. So, let’s discuss the confirmed Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 270 Spoilers today.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 270 Spoilers

The chapter will continue the journey of Ban and Meliodas to find demon king and defeat him.

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 270 Spoilers

During their journey, Ban aks Captain Meliodas that what he’ll do after getting back to the real world. In somewhere Demon says he will undo Elizabeth’s curse and will drink lots of Bernia ale. Ban said that he will revive his love Elaine and drink plenty of Aberdeen ale.

In their way, beast grasshoppers come after them. Meilodas splits one of them into two half by his full counter but suddenly, a big bird catches him. Ban saves him and kills the grasshoppers with Crazy Hunt. During having their meal, Ban says that it has been 500 years since he met him and during the long time span, he becomes resistant to the burning and freezing. Meliodas praises ban and refers him as only human who lived in Purgatory over thousands of years. He said that Ban’s experience in Purgatory gives him an explosive change and suggest Ban to find the Demon King to defeat him. Meliodas says that he will grope Elizabeth’s body and Ban says that he will flirt with Elaine once again. Captain will reopen the Boar’s hat with all sins after returning to the real world.

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 270 Spoilers

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 270 Spoilers

Seven Deadly  Sins Chapter 270 Spoilers- “Hawk’s Brother In Purgatory”

A shadow starts lurking on them but they knew that from some moments. They confront it but its movements are so fast that Ban fails in a try to stop it by his hand. It wonders that the duo comes here from the different reality because it heads them of mentioning of going back to their world. Ban asks it whether it is Demon King’s subordinate. It said that it can lead them to him. When both Ban and Meliodas turns around to see it, they find it a boar. It introduces itself as Wild and aks them to find his brother who is missing from a long time. Ban and Meliodas shout at him as “Hawk” and “Master” but wild reminds them of his name again. The chapter ends here.

It looks like Wild’s missing brother is Hawk which is now in the real world. Earlier, Merlin also revealed that Hawk has a connection to Purgatory.

What do you think about the Wild? What are your thoughts about the Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 270 Spoilers? Comment in section.

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