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Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 17 Vaizel Fighting Festival Begins

Well, it is an interesting week for Seven Deadly Sins fans as we are going to see of enthralling battles in Vaizel Fighting Festival and we have also seen the meet of King and Diane in the previous episode after a long time. Diane who has already lost all her previous memories is not aware of the King feelings for her.

Moving onto the episode 17 of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ten Commandments, who has sent the invites for the great fighting festival. Mr Drole set up the fighting stage with his Giant Gauntlet power and the Gloxinia ( the first fairy king) take down the lives of all the participants still unable to complete the maze challenge.

With the presence of mostly all the deadly sins in episode 17, gives us the perfect reason to watch the episode. Gloxinia being annoyed with everyone not paying attention to the competition take her shrub tail to take the life of Escanor, but pays her life back with moon drop, on the wish of Escanor not want to die without having a conversation with Ms Merlin

The competition was setup in the bonds of two participants fighting with the other two participants who come on the same fighting stage in a random manner.

List of Team Participants in the Vaizel Great fighting festival

1) Sin of Greed : Ban and Sin of Wrath Meliodas

2) Holy Knight Hendrickson and Baby Griamore

3) Sin of Sloth : King and Sin of Envy : Diane

4) Malaxia Assasin: Torah and Jigumo

5) Malaxia Assasin : Estaro and Monk of Destruction: Arbus

6) New King Arthur and Swordman Nanashi

7) Holy Knight : Howzer and The Solaseed

8) Roars of Dawn : Slader and Boxer : Haifan

9) Holy Knight : Gilthunder and Magician : Gilfrost

10 ) Hawk and Escanor

11) Sin of Lust : Gowther and Holy Knight Jericho

12) Matrona and Oslo

13) Holy Knight : Silver and Blue Damon: Koazo

14) Blue Damon : Dolzo and Blue Famon: Galzo

15) Clay Doll: Drole and Flower Doll Gloxinia

16) Elizabeth and Elaine

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 17 Vaizel Fighting Festival
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Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 17 Vaizel Fighting Festival

The first stage was setup between the Elizabeth and Diane, knocks out the Malaxia Assasin Torah and Jigumo. On the other hand, both Meliodas and Ban easily defeat Blue Damon: Dolzo and Blue Damon: Galzo, while talking as usual adult things. Clay Doll: Drole and Flower Doll Gloxinia takes on the Diane and King. As usual, the King fades alongside Diane, the Diane tries to fight alone with the Clay Doll and Flower Doll but founds herself in difficulty. I really wonder, the Kind would be having a good time, for the place where Diane puts him in. As soon as King realises Diane is in danger, he gets over from his drama and acts seriously and shows his shiny fairy form ” True Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Second Form, Guardian while deflecting the attacks of Clay Doll and Flower Doll

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 18 Synopsis and Predictions

In episode 18, we are going to see a great battle between the Clay Doll: Drole and Flower Doll Gloxinia and the King in its shiny form. As the title of episode 18 “From Whom that light shines”, we can get a little idea about the fact King will be standing tough to protect Diane from any attacks lodged on her by Clay Doll and Flower Dolls. But, we might the think that, after a while, King start losing to the Dolls and Diane will come to his rescue with full force, as she did for Elizabeth in the maze challenge

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