Netflix has canceled yet another series, Seven Seconds just after season 1 of its telecast. The news confirmed by Variety comes as a shocker because series received decent reviews from critics and stood at a 77% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The series is created by Veena Sud, known for her high acclaimed series The Killing. Seven Seconds, an intense drama that revolves around true events where a white cop accidentally hits critically injuries a black teenager leading to racial tension in the northeastern city. Going by the reviews for the season 1, it was a great series that made audiences ponder upon the time we are living in and how delicate is the current atmosphere. The series had a satisfying ending and viewers were able to connect with it.


The series also boasted a stellar cast that included names like Regina King who played the mother of the Kid that was hit, alongside Clare-Hope Ashitey, Russell Hornsby, Beau Knapp, Michael Mosley, David Lyons, Raul Castillo, Zackary Momoh, Patrick Murney, Michelle Veintimilla, Nadia Alexander, and Coley Mustafa Speaks. While discussing recent updates with Variety Cindy Holland, the president of original content at Netflix said “We loved working with Veena Sud, Regina King and the cast and crew of Seven Seconds. Together they created a compelling, timely and relevant crime drama. The first season is a complete, stand-alone story that we are proud to feature on Netflix for years to come.”

Seven Seconds is not the only that have been canceled in recent after airing just one season. The series is just another addition to the long list that has been withdrawn which has names like Everything Sucks!, Girlboss, and Gypsy, etc. Each of these series had unique stories but weren’t able to make it big, and that might be the reason behind its cancellation. We are surely a fan of these series will hurt you surely but don’t worry there is lot more significant content is coming our way.