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‘Seven Seconds’ Teaser Trailer Gives Glimpse of Netflix’s Crime Thriller

Will ‘Seven Seconds’ be Great Crime Thriller from Netflix?

Netflix unveiled the teaser trailer for ‘Seven Seconds’ an upcoming anthological crime drama series. The trailer only gives a glimpse of series in small 15 seconds clip.

In the teaser, we see a question being asked ‘How long does it take to bury the truth?’ Followed by a scene showing the titular character ‘KJ Harper’ a black assistant prosecutor played by Clare-Hope Ashitey standing in front of a pool of blood. Then, the camera pans out to show Statue of Liberty and flashes title ‘Seven Seconds’ on the screen.

The story focuses on the society fraught with growing racial tensions, sensational headlines and people who would somewhat be entertained than informed. The plot tries take you on the other side of headlines and how ethnic tensions affect the life of people. Highly acclaimed director Veena Sud of ‘Killing‘ is the creator and executive producer of the series. The series also has the stellar cast with names like Regina King (American Crime) a two-time Emmy Winner along with promising British actress Clare-Hope Ashitey.

We know that Netflix is known for their original and sensational content. In the year 2015, they aired ‘Making a Murderer‘ a documentary, exploring the story of Steven Avery. He was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder which led to him serving 18 years in prison. The documentary created a lot of uproar in the US and was part of various discussions. Now, with Seven Seconds Netflix will bring another sensational story about racial tension to light.

In my view, Seven Seconds could be the next big hit from the Netflix which will take crime-drama genre to another level. I am eagerly waiting for the full-fledged trailer which will take us deeper into the controversy.

Seven Seconds Cast, Director & Synopsis :

Cast – Clare-Hope Ashitey, Nadia Alexander, Raúl Castillo & Regina King
Director – Veena Sud
Synopsis – Tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.

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