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Shadow Fight 3 released !! Astonishing Fighting Styles and Gameplay

Nekki has released another version of game Shadow fight series of fighting game “Shadow Fight 3”. This game started its journey as the flash game over the Facebook and found its way to mobile devices.

Shadow Fight 3 is an immersive fighting game with some great graphics and fighting moves. It is an RPG style fighting game, allow you to select from three fighting styles for the character where you experiment and learn to adapt to new moves.

Shadow Fight 3

Now the game transition, effects and gameplay is much smoother, more detailing has been added to the characters with lively and stimulating backgrounds. It’s a story driven fighting game in which you will find yourself in the middle of three powerful factions tearing the land apart and framing against each other

Shadow Fight 3 provides various rewards, to upgrade your character with lethal weapons and dangerous moves. Its PVP mode is difficult to deal with, as the other player(computer) has AI & skills quite strong to beat down. In order to beat the computer character you need to make booster purchases, which misbalances the overall gameplay of the game, as there is thinnest chance to beat computer in PVP mode without purchasing booster packs and this issue has already been stated by the players to the developers, in order to create a balance for the game

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