Shakti Sthala World Largest Solar Power project from India

India’s progression and achievements in the space in the past 4 years is already known to the world. As we all know the human dependency on the non-renewable resources of energy is leading to its depletion day by day. It’s the time that we should start harnessing the renewable sources of energy which includes wind energy and solar energy

India is all set to present the world “World largest solar plant” beating out China and USA. The solar power project has been named Shakti Sthala and has been located in Pavagada(Tumakuru District), Karnataka. The plant will generate the energy up to 2GW and will cover an area of 5261 hectares. The project will be completed in two phases; the first phase of the project will be able to produce 600 MW of energy and remaining 1400 Megawatt production will be finished at the end of 2018.

Shakti Sthala World Largest Solar Power

Shakti Sthala

It is a pioneering project led by the Government of India and has a budget of around 2.530 million dollars. The most fascinating part of this project is, it only took two years to complete and land on which it has been built up still belong to their respective owners who will serve as partners. Shakti Sthala village is spanned onto five villages and it’s land belong to 2300 farmers in Pavagada. The best initiative of the project is the government has decided to lease the land and pay respective rent to its owners. The lease will extend to 25 years with an annual payment of 130 dollars per hectare. The farmers will also get an increase of 5% every year

This project is one of its kind, which will create new sources of employment as farmers here are considered as partners and beneficiaries. Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka has stated that his state is already the third largest producer of renewable energy in the country. His state aims to reach 20 % of the nation’s all energy production needs.

Once the Shakti Sthala reaches to its complete 100% operation, it will overcome the Tenngger Desert Solar Park (China) with the production capacity of 453 MW, which is currently largest solar park in the world. Once the Shakti Sthala is established, it will surpass the solar power park in Kamuthi, which has a production capacity of 648 MW

Shakti Sthala

India’s strategic plans to boost up the utilization of renewable sources of energy will help India to surpass the USA in the generation of Solar Power.

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