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Shazam: Details Regarding Villain Dr. Sivana Revealed

DC’s upcoming flicks are Shazam! and Aquaman. And with Aquaman’s details revealed, the fans get to know some more details about the villain of Shazam! who is Dr. Sivana. The details were revealed by the director of the film – David F. Sandberg

Shazam! : Details about Villain Dr. Sivana Revealed

While the trailer has already shown what would Dr. Sivana look like, but there is nothing else that the fans know about the villain. Even the trailer doesn’t tell much about Sivana other than the fact that he can stop Shazam’s super punch.

In a recent interview David talked about Sivana and revealed that he was chosen originally as a candidate to be the superhero. He was approached by The Wizard (Djimon Hounsou). He wasn’t chosen and then Sivana got obsessed with his rejection. The Wizard waited for Batson to pass down his powers. But in the meantime, he figured out how to obtain powers. He’ll have some in Shazam!, but Sandberg is being coy about how he receives them and what they are.

Shazam! : Details about Villain Dr. Sivana Revealed

“Mark Strong loves being a bad guy. And it’s not just him, really, it’s … something else … that lent him his powers … he can do some things that Shazam can’t. The danger in some films is the bad guy has the same powers as the good guy. [Sivana] has an extra thing, extra dynamic, that takes care of that.” David F. Sandburg said.

From the director’s words and the trailer, we can assume for the time being that the character of Shazam! is an adaptation from the New 52 version of the comics’ character. In The New-52 reboot, Sivana is gifted powers from Mister Mind, a giant Venusian worm that can speak telepathically. Taking in all the other cues, Shazam! is taking from this version of the main characters, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did a similar adaptation with Sivana.

Even if the character of Sivana doesn’t go the way as in the New 52 version of the character, there is one more possibility. Sivana’s arc can also take up the storyline when he gets obsessed with magic and finds the tomb of Black Adam, where he is shined upon with magical light which enables him to see magic. This storyline would immediately open the door for Dwayne Johnson to have a role in the already planned sequels.

Shazam! : Details about Villain Dr. Sivana Revealed

Still, there’s much to learn about the villain of the film. What do you guys think about Dr. Sivana? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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