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‘Shazam’ First Look Revealed & Reactions Hit the Internet

DC movies are finally showing some positive signs with wrap of Shazam’s shooting, Wonder Woman going early into the production as confirmed by director Patty Jenkins and Ezra Miller sitting with directors to finalize the fate of The Flash. These updates should put a smile on every DCEU fan who has been feeling frustrated after the unstoppable success of Marvel movies. Warner Bros. Is finally putting things together for DC, and latest updates were shared during the ongoing licensing expo in Las Vegas. During this event, the audience not only got the full view of Shazam in all his glory but also got a better look a the whole family.

The Shazam costume was revealed earlier by Zachary Levi as he took to the Instagram. Since then fans have gone through it, and we can say that it has got mixed reviews. Not everyone likes the tight costume of Shazam, and they have their opinion. Alongside this, the outfit has too much resemblance to the Superman’s without giving something original. However, on the whole, it admittedly looks exciting and detailed look at the character will surely make us change our minds.

Talking about the show reporter Daniel Eliesen kept all of us updated regarding the ongoing happenings at the WB show. The event had an all-star lineup as franchises like Fantastic Beasts and Wonder Woman were touted. According to Eliesen, “WB brought out Zachary Levi to tease Shazam, and I was super impressed. A lot of amazing set photos including the whole Shazam family in costume. The feel of the movie is “Big” meets “Superman.” It looks like it will have a different tone but I can’t wait. Also saw full costume shots.”

The production for the movie has been completed however still there no updates when will the viewers will get to see the first teaser of the film. As per our anticipations, the first look will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con this July and will get to witness the full-fledged trailer in Dec 2018 when Aquaman hits the theater. Talking about the Aquaman the trailer for this one is also pending, and the anticipation is now killing us. Hope DC soon listens to the uproar and gives us all a trailer that will keep the craze alive for DC movies in us. Also check out what internet feels like after getting the glimpse of Zachary Levi’s costume in upcoming Shazam movie and do share your views in the comment section below.

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