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New Video from ‘Shazam’ Set Emerges and Superhero Saves the day!!

Marvel has been ruling the superhero movie world for a quite long, and it seems that it will remain the same this year also. As Black Panther’s collection surpassed the DC’s most successful movie, Wonder Woman last week. Also, we are just 50 days away from the release of Avengers Infinity War. So, things will stay tight for DC no matter what. However, future could be bright with movies like Shazam, The Flash and Aquaman lined up for release in upcoming years.

Out of these three movies Shazam is the highly anticipated movie because it has gone through all the trouble which other DC movies have experienced like directors writers and actors abandoning the movie in the middle. As per the recent reports Shazam’s shoot is in full swing, and few images from the set are doing round on the internet. Yesterday, a fan uploaded the small clip where we can see Shazam saving the bus full of people from crashing. After viewing it we can say that people are having while making the movie and that’s a positive sign.

The unique thing about David F. Sanderberg’s Shazam is that as per the story a kid transforms into a young man who has immense strength and power. So, from the character perspective, writers can give it a lighter feel as inside he is just a child. He will not be like other Superheros who have a sense of responsibility and are burdened by the reality. The clip tries to portray the same as Zachery Levi jumps in joy and is having a moment of pride after saving the people.

However, we will have to wait for a one year to see Shazam come to life as this is only the first leg of production. So all the ardent fans of DC don’t you worry as by the end of this year you will have Aquaman, and we are sure he will kick some ass.

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