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Short film Tu Review, Directed by Sandeep Chandrra

A short film Tu directed by Sandeep Chandrra, starring Prashantt Guptha. This film was released on the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi who believed “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. This film forces the audience to introspect and to look within to find out what really matters in one’s life.

If you look at the visual, it may seem quite boring to most of the audience but if one lends a look at the storyline and carefully listens to the conversation taking place, one may realize how deep the meaning is conveyed. Prashant is portrayed as a quite tired and lost person who thinks he has all the talent to be successful but he still has not been able to succeed and due to which he has lost all the motivation, take up smoking and drinking and also shows signs of depression.

Prashantt walks in a restraint and is about to light a cigarette when suddenly his inner self is seated in front of him. He constantly keeps telling him that he tries his best and has the talent yet he is unable to achieve the best in his life. His inner self slowly and calmly takes charge of the situation and make him understand and realize that he is also running in a rat race like everybody else and should make himself stronger as a person and come out of the rat race. He also makes him realize the importance of Gratitude, something that everyone has forgotten about in their busy lives. Some more important topic is talked upon such as the value of time, self-respect, figuring out who is important and who is not positive thoughts – if one is not able to think positively, he should not be thinking negative as well.

Short film Tu

What we get to learn is real happiness lies within us we just have to go on that path and one can achieve everything there. Listening to one’s inner self is the first and most important step one has to take towards leading a healthy life.


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