Short Film – ‘What You See’ is a witness of “Love Lies In The Conscience Of Beholder”

‘What You See’ is lovely short film which depicted the aura of true and unconditional love. Directed by Gaurav Bakshi, produced by W.L Ryaan and starred Chandi Perera, Reyan Sheikh, Kumud Shaw, Shreya Chawla, Mahesh MehranKhatri, Vishwa Bhanu and Sudhanshu Pathak. If one is destined to find love, one finds it it under the most unlikely circumstances in the most unlikely manner that’s what the storyline for the movie is.

The movie begins in a very spooky manner showing a seeming couple where husband is portrayed as too much caring. As the movie drags ahead a random guy bumps into the lady unintentionally onto which the husband reacts very furiously and the movie halts for a while as they reached where they were going and that guy apologise, moving it backwards it took us to where it started from. On a romantic date the Reyan (Husband) proposed her lady and praising her beautiful eyes he took a promise from her to look at him forever in the same way she always does. Now, the scene is back from where it stopped, they both are in a hospital and when the nurse asks the lady to meet the doctor alone, though a lady doctor, husband insists nurse to allow him to get in but she denies for it’s her duty which she is can’t disrespect. Inside doctor’s cabin while checking her, the doctor questions her, ‘ From where has she got the bruises on her face?’ Seeming afraid, she replies; ‘I didn’t see the steps and i fell off’, the reply seemed quite fake coz the way she replied sprouted doubt and suspect got profound when the doctor said; ‘I need to speak to your husband’ and the lady again got afraid and asks her not to. But when the husband enters the true direction of the story is revealed as he reminds her the promise she made, “To look at him in the same way she always does” onto which she replies that she is getting blind.


Nice plot to give an entire new frame to love. Till the end it kept me in whole different world of imagination and the end came out to be something different, which is a nice thing in terms of cinematography and unique direction, maintaining the complete suspense thing till the end.

Short Film - What You See


The concept was a cliche with a peculiar topic and the production seemed in a haste making it little dull.