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Here is What Shroud says about Blackout vs PUBG

Treyarch- the American video game developing company recently unveiled the Call of Duty black ops 4 blackout battle royale game. The two most popular battle royale themed games – the Fortnite and PUBG had taken down every other game so it makes sense for the Treyarch to dive in the battle royale game.

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The renowned PUBG player Shroud streamed the call of Duty Blackout game and talked about the game and compared it with the PUBG.

Shroud said: “I’m going to be playing this game a lot, I like it.”
“It’s not like PUBG, I think I still love PUBG overall more, but, [Blackout] is fun.”

The game is still in its early stages and is likely to improve with time. Albeit the shroud sounds like he will be playing the PUBG more but it might be he switches between both the games while he live-streams on his youtube channel.

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What are your thoughts regarding the Call of Duty black ops 4 blackout game? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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