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Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 1 Review – Pied Piper is back

HBO’s Silicon Valley returns with Season 5 

HBO’S highly anticipated and remarkable comedy series Silicon Valley, based on the startups and silicon valley culture is back in season 5. The series stars Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Amanda Crew, Zach Woods and Matt Ross in the lead roles. Directed and created by Mike Judge, the last four seasons of the series were received exceptionally well by the audiences because of its authenticity of the real silicon valley culture. With new season airing on HBO from March 25 we are undoubtedly excited to see will Pied Piper become the king of startups or will taste the dirt like many other startups?

Story till Silicon Valley Season 4

The series revolves around the character of Richard Hendricks who designs an algorithm which can revolutionize the way we use the internet while leaving in a startup incubator run by Elrich Bachman (T.J. Miller). Around his idea, a startup named Pied Piper is born, and Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared join Richard in his quest for making it big in silicon valley. Then the show nicely portrays how a bunch of geeks go through various obstacles like raising funding, acquisition threats from more prominent organizations and finally losing others in the process. The first four seasons were filled with hilarious comedy and compelling acting from all the actors. T.J. Miller especially stole the thunder with his portrayal of Erlich Bachman a man with no talents but extreme confidence. However, season 5 will not see him returning as he quit the show in the middle of sexual harassment allegations.


A viewer familiar with the workings of the tech industry will be immediately hooked to the series for its authenticity and the way it makes fun of the silicon valley culture. Each character is perfectly penned down, and you enjoy every moment spent with them. Along with that you also feel for them when they lose because of stupid mistakes and end up laughing at them. The season 4 left us on the edge with future of Pied Piper at stake. So now season 5 is at our doorstep, and we are excited to see what is in the fate for Pied Piper this year.

What can you expect from Silicon Valley Season 5?

The season 5 picks up right from where the last season dropped. With Richard Hendricks getting the patent for the decentralized net from Gavin Belson before the later leaves for some peaceful time in mountains. The first episode which came out on March 25 takes you through a simple journey where Richard and other guys are again trying to setup Pied Piper after a rough last season.

The episode is entertaining, and you will enjoy seeing the old bunch together after an year. However, things for them haven’t changed even a slightest as they are facing obstacles at each step because of evil Gavin Belson. The reason for worry is not only Belson but also the stupid mistakes which are made mainly by Richard while getting everything right. On the positive side this time they are in the right hands of Monica Hall as VC from whom you expect to make wise decisions. With a proper amount of money, the new problem is of setting up the office and get things running as quickly as possible. In the first episode itself, we witness the nervousness and vengefulness of Richard which will surely make you laugh.


The expectations from this season are quite high, and we will have to sit back and see how relatively Pied Piper rises to the challenge of keeping us entertained.

You can watch episodes on HBO, every Sunday from March 25 onwards.

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