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Siri Shortcuts, iOS 12, Memoji and more unveiled at Apple WWDC 2018

Finally, Apple concluded the day one of its annual WWDC 2018 (Worldwide Developer Conference), which is going along with another tech trade show, Computex 2018. As Tim Cook said, that “ Today is all about software”, Apple unveiled the plan of 2018 which will be dedicated to software development, in the today’s event at California. First of all, Apple introduced the new upcoming iOS 12, Siri Shortcuts, Memoji, FaceTime, Screen Time, ARKit 2, and more

Firstly we will be talking about, what Apple talked about the new iOS 12.

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iOS 12-

WWDC 2018

Tim Cook introduced the new iOS 12 and then Federighi took the audience through the major changes that have been brought by the previous iOS updates have, with this a point needs to be noted that Apple offers the news updates for free. Which eventually get the updates installed widely. Federighi concluded the stat and said 81% of iOS users are on iOS 11, compared to Android, for which only 6% users are on the latest version of latest OS.

Now, what’s the focus of this latest update? “Performance,” iOS 12 will launch the apps 40% faster, Federighi said. And with the aim to provide the benefits of the new iOS 12 to many users as possible. According to him the devices supporting iOS 11 will support the new iOS 12, which simply means that iPhone 5S and above models.

Siri Shortcuts-

WWDC 2018

Apple introduced a new app Siri Shortcuts, which works similar to the custom routines in Google Assistant. Now apps, both pre-installed and third-party app will be able to make “Shortcuts”, with which you can activate the voice assistant with a single word, or a phase which will be recorded by the app earlier. Like if you say, “I’m leaving for office”, that will prompt Siri to turn off electric appliances. Apple believes that with this feature Siri will get better.



WWDC 2018

Apple introduced its new feature Animoji last year with the launch of iPhone X, which comes with a lot of features. Now Apple is adding a new feature to the Animoji, that is, the tongue detection feature, which simply makes Animoji from iOS 11 more better. Now your Animoji will react when you stick your tongue out. Another feature added to the Animoji is the new Memoji feature, with which you can create your own Meme avatar, and that works with the FaceTime too.

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WWDC 2018

Another update comes to the much loved Apple’s FaceTime. Now the FaceTime is getting the Group Calls feature. The group supports up to 32 members, which seems to be impossible, but Apple advanced this feature, the Tiles grow and shrink on their own depending on who’s talking.

And finally, Animoji can be used in the FaceTime group calls, which is really a cool feature.



WWDC 2018

Apple introduced a new feature in order to control the addiction towards the smartphone usage, especially for kids. The Screen Time feature created the smartphone usage activity reports on the daily and weekly basis. And also records the time spent on various apps available on the device. With this parents can easily track records and make sure that their kids are not addicted to the device.

In addition, parents can set up, the App limits and the Downtime for the device, in which it can’t be used.


ARKit 2-

WWDC 2018

ARKit is Apple’s tool for building AR services, which superimpose the graphical data over the real world. Apple introduced the new updated ARKit 2, which comes with some interesting feature which provides a smooth transition between the two worlds. Apple is also rolling out the Measure App, which lets the user measure the real world objects by pointing the finger on the screen and dragging it around the edges. Apple also introduced the new USDZ (Universal Scene Description) file format, in collaboration with Pixar. With this, the AR can be integrated with the apps like Messages, Safari and Mail.



WWDC 2018

Another new feature is coming to the Photos. Photos in iOS 12 now get smarter and personalized. Now all the clicked photos and shared images are categorized under the single window called “For You”. The sharing of the photos will take place using iCloud and can be shared with contacts based on places of interest or in your search. And other it like the Google Photos, in which you can search the photos, which are categorized by the machine learning of the Photos app.

So, this was all of the interesting features unveiled at Apple WWDC 2018 event. Stay tuned for more news.

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