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Short Film: ‘Skin of Marble’ Review, The less said, the better!

Skin of Marble is a short film under the banner of Large Short Films. Directed by Pankaj Parashar, Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vivaan Parashar, Taniya Kalra, Paniza Rahnama.

Skin of Marble

What ‘Skin of Marble’ whirls around?

The movie begins with some random shots of newspaper clippings and a voice over about the raging fire of destruction happening around. Set in Delhi, portraying a time during partition at a periphery of the city where death and destruction has not reached yet. Param loves violet, a foreigner and wishes to marry her and makes her learn his poetry in Hindi but soon he gets to know that his dad, played by Shah, wants him to marry Preeto, a girl from his village, as he (Shah) has given his word to her dad. With a disagreement to his father’s opinion, Param decides to elope with her but she denies for having an affair with other man. Onto which Param takes her fiancé to Violet’s house and use bad words for her for deceiving him.

He is unaware of the truth, that it was his father’s plan to ask Violet to go away from Param’s life. After leaving from violet’s house, taking all his letters to be torned off, he sees an un-recognised letter that was from his father to Violet, revealed the whole truth that why Violet lied and sacrificed her love for Param’s father’s dignity and word he gave to the bride’s father. Completely shattered and before he could say anything, a group of boys who were a part of riot, causing destruction , grabbed Param and were about to stab him, there comes Violet from the corner reciting the same poem in Hindi which Param made her learn for their love, her appearance and the lines she recites seemed appealing to those goons.

Param gets shocked to see another sacrifice she made to save him by serving her SKIN OF MARBLE (herself) to them.

Why ‘Skin of Marble’ is not a thumbs up?

A not so good movie with a clichéd storyline and highly predictable events leading to a disturbed ending, which is out of sync with reality. Vivaan played a man who seems to be torn apart between love and betrayal . It all felt like a grave reminder of 90s worst cinema. Dialogues like “I can’t marry you because you are just an Indian” are casually thrown into the narrative without serving any purpose.

Rating- 2.5/5 stars

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