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SKULLS and ROSES, Amazon Prime Video’s offhand initial

Created by monovular, the wicked twins from television are back as the person of the house( host)in a brand-new reality show ‘Skull and Roses’  on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the show all about!

Skulls and Roses, in an exclusive first-of-its-kind reality show composition, combine two crucial youth gut issues: Romance & Adventure. The show blurs the line amid romance and adventure reality shows to take contestants through a genuinely audacious and daring odyssey. The show demands participants to form couples and bond of love on ‘Rose Island’ and further to be approved for their authenticity and perseverance on ‘Skull Island.’ The test is to figure out which is firm – the impulse to love or the impulse for self-preservation. The show is an ultimate test of preference – between love, trust, survival and betrayal and it forces participants to choose between ‘WE,’ and ‘ME.’

Person of the house! (HOST)

Hosted by television’s dynamic duo Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman, the faces behind several renowned reality shows. Openings to participate in the exciting reality series are now wide.

SKULL and ROSES, Amazon Prime's Video

Grab your chance, now!

Grab your chance in the bonds of romance and the thrill of adventure exclusively on https://www.facebook.com/skullsandrosescasting. All you need to be is tough, adventurous, with the acumen to survive on this show.

Director’s Sight

Vijay Subramaniam, Director, Content, Amazon Prime Video India said,“After disclosing our attempt into reality shows with comedy and music, we’ve seen considerable enthusiasm from Prime members, adding to this he also said that “they’re excited to add even further variety to their offering and in collaboration with Monovular, introduce
a new bold concept to the offhand content space that will continue to reinvent the way customers absorb content in India.”

Fruitful Collaboration!

Giving voice to collaboration, Rajiv Lakshman, Monovular, said, “It’s a first-of-its-kind composition where the best of two contrary worlds come together on a reality show. With this attempt, we bring the elation of reality shows, on-demand, to a personal screen at your home, college or commute. The concept is very intriguing and bold, and we are thrilled to be able to breathe life into this project in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.”

Romantic and Adventurous show!

Speaking about the show, Raghu Ram, Monovular said, “In today’s era of dating apps, young couples are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the fixes of a committed relationship. Consequently, more & more youngsters are making ‘stress-free’ life-choices of self-love & self-growth.  This generation is increasingly facing a dilemma of ‘we vs. me’. Skulls and Roses magnify both aspects of this dilemma as well as the outcomes of their choices. What will you prefer if ‘Love’ is the best chance to stay in paradise, but ’Survival’ can only happen alone?  I think that is an intriguing concept for us to delve into.”

About Monovular

Driven by an ongoing vision to widen the boundaries in creating fascinating and out of the box content, the new-age creative studio, Monozygotic Solutions is the creator of the series. It is renowned for producing the highest quality content for millennials across digital, TV and mobile.

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