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What is Skygofree virus/malware? Protect phone from Skygofree virus ?

SkyGofree Malware is different from the generic viruses and most commonly the trojans or viruses steals owner’s payment information, encrypt the data and demand a ransom. But this SkyGofree malware is the one which we see and observe in the spy based movies.

What is Skygofree Malware/Virus ?

Skygofree is form of a Trojan which can perform some distinctive Spy functions. It can track the location of the device , it can read your whatsapp, messenger messages and it can turn on and off audio recording and send all of the data back to the hackers. The KasperSky Labs has mentioned that this virus or malware once infected the device can be controlled by the attacker, even when the owner of the device has disabled al the Wi-Fi connections on the device. In this way, the attackers can easily assess the confidential information like Logins, password and card numbers. This malware has the capacity to bypass the save battery mode where the phone itself disable the unnecessary apps and but this malware can add itself to the favorites and keep working on even when the screen is turned off.

The malware can read and monitor messages of popular apps like Facebook Messneger, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp with the help of Accessibility services. As the use of accessibility services requires the user’s permission and but this malware hide this under some other innocent request. SkyGofree virus can also turn on the fast facing camera and capture the user photo when someone is unlocking the device. The malware can also intercept the calls, SMS messages, calendar entries and other relevant data.

The malware was first seen in Italy in 2014 and mostly distributed through the mimic of mobile operator websites as a disguise to improve mobile internet speed.

Skygofree virus

How to protect phone from Skygofree and How to Remove Skygofree Malware/Virus

1) Install the app from official store, don’t download any third party apps from unknown soruce as it might be infected with the virus

2) Don’t download any tempting app with misled names or one asking for doubtful permission request or access

3) Install a good antivirus program on you android device ( like KasperSky Mobile) and keep it updated with the latest software and files. Perform a required check and look for any infected file and remove it

Skygofree virus

For the removal or to identify  this virus, one must install the Antivirus CyberByte ( Mac Users ) and similarly Cyberbyte ( For Window) and run a thorough check and it will let you know if your system is infected or not

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