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Specialist Score earn rate after Black Ops 4 April 9th Update

The latest Call of Duty update has brought changes to specialists score earn rate in Competitive mode.

The changes have been implemented for both CWL rule set and League play. The new ruleset defines that the Specialist main weapon or ability can only be unlocked by score now.

Earlier both score and the time spent alive were taken into consideration for the cool down of the specialists. But after receiving a negative response from the community, the developers were compelled to balance it out.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Let us see below how the earn rates for each Specialist have been modified, as now the specialist main weapon and ability can only be unlocked by the score.

One of the game designers at Treyarch revealed that the main weapon ability of the Ruin, Zero, Crash, and Prophet Specialists would be charged at 1700 score. Firebreak’s Purifier will be unlocked at 2200
Seraph’s Annihilator will unlock at 2400 and Recon’s Vision Pulse 2550.

Below we have shared a list of earnings rates for each specialist and time to unlock their equipment. The update has not yet changed the equipment charge rate yet.

Specialist Score earn rate – Black Ops 4


TAK 5: 1700 Score (EC: 1175)

Assault Pack: 1:45 (EC: 1:15)


War Machine: 1700 Score (EC: 1200)

Cluster – 1:00 (EC: 50 seconds)


Tempest: 1700 Score (EC: 1300)

Seeker: 1:45 (EC: 1:00)


Purifier: 2200 Score (EC: 1575)

Reactive Core: 1:50 (EC: 1:25)


Grav Slam: 1700 Score (EC: 1350)

Grapple Gun: 0:15 (EC: 0:10)


Vision Pulse: 2550 Score (EC: 1950)

Sensor Dart: 1:45 (EC: 1:00)


Annihilator: 2400 Score (EC: 2000)

Tac-Deploy: 1:40 (EC: 1:10)


Ice Pick: 1700 (EC: 1100)

EMP Disruptor: 1:15 (EC: 0:50)


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