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Spider-Man Homecoming: Major Easter Egg We All Missed!

Fans are having a bad time after they saw Spider-Man die in the arms of his mentor – Tony Stark and it seems fans are going back and watching Spider-Man Homecoming, so much so that now even we get to see some details that we all missed while watching it the first time!

Spider-Man Homecoming: Detail We All Missed!

The detail in discussion is from the start of the film and about the character which didn’t seem to care about much. See the pictures below to help you remember the scenes which will talk about further.

Spider-Man Homecoming: Detail We All Missed!

Reddit user u/MaximumVibe pointed out this detail and here is it –

“A little detail I noticed whilst watching homecoming. The man and woman from damage control who took over from Toomes’ crew at the start of the movie can also be seen at the aftermath of the attack at the ATM vestibule.”

The head of Damage Control is Anne Marie Hoag, played by actress Tyne Daly. The above two images tell a subtle detail which tells us much about the Damage Control over the years. The first image is from the start of the film where she takes over Toomes’ crew and then the second is from the attack on ATM in which Spider-Man intervenes.

Spider-Man Homecoming: Detail We All Missed!

In the time between the two incidents, notice the change in Hoag. She is shown much sharper along with her agency and her authority much clearer and procedural. This tells a lot about the Damage Control. As we know Damage Control took most of the junk from the spaceship, so it seems that in the passage of time, the agency has grown closer to the Avengers and seems to have grown important for Avengers over the years.

What do you think about the detail? Do you think Damage Control is now important enough to the Avengers? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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