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Spiderman gets 6 villains in new game E3 2018

Marvel is already soaring high on box office with Avengers and other Marvel movies. Today, Sony showed the gameplay trailer of upcoming Spiderman game for PS4.

The footage of the gameplay is looking dynamic and it shows many enemies of Spiderman, who are on loose. Spiderman is looking dazzling as always in his spidey suit.

The gameplay footage shows Spiderman enemy electro frees prison inmates and other four major villains of Spiderman including Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture and Mr Negative.

Spiderman tries to follow electro, who is going to the main city to destroy everything. At the end of the footage, Spiderman finds himself getting in trouble, as all these five villains, circle around and beats him. But in the moment of surprise, we see a bright light which might be the sixth villain, but his face was not shown in the gameplay footage trailer.

From the gameplay footage, we can observe that Spiderman can use web rope for hanging from one building to the another and using sticky web shots at enemy faces to make them blind. It will be interesting to see , which abilities will be given to our hero.

Marvel Spiderman game will be released in September of 2018. We are sure you must be excited to get hands on the game and beat all the spidey enemies.


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