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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review!! Is The Force Strong With This One?

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Is Rian Johnson able to deliver on the Hopes?

Star Wars a phenomenon which occurs now almost every two years. This year we saw a release of another behemoth from that franchise which tries to answer so many questions left unanswered and focuses on future character development.

Story –

The story picks up from where it left in the last movie the force awakens where Rey goes on the search to find Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo is killed by his son Ben. With the resistance left to pieces, they try to fight First Order which is led by supreme leader Snoke. The best thing about this one is that nobody knew the details of it as it was kept quietly under wraps. So that made the movie watching a fresh experience as whenever you saw the main character in trouble you had anxiety feeling that he may die also. The story perfectly focuses on the conflict faced by various characters and how scenarios change after their decisions.

The whole film tries to keep you engaged with the number of twists but has few weaker arcs in between. The story arc of Finn & Ross is the one that bores you, and BB8 is the one who tries to save it. The arc has nothing substantial to add to the story itself, its the reason movie felt little long. If you remove that arc, everything is just close to perfect. The characters are excellent but the story around them is weak. Whereas, Luke & Rey’s interaction serves as the best part of the movie because it has the balance of humor & learnings which a teacher imparts to his pupil.

Direction –

The direction by Rian Johnson is just perfection, and the way each scene is visioned is exemplary. Space battle scenes will leave you awestruck. But there is one particular scene which is picture perfect & you will surely want to save it as a wallpaper. The camera work in various stages and those wide-angle shots make this movie stand out from the rest of the film in the whole saga. Other than this he has built characters like Poh, Ray, and Finn by adding more depth to their story.

Mineral Planet ‘Crait’


Acting –

Acting by each one of them is exemplary however Mark Hamill steals the show this time. You will just love watching him onscreen bringing the character of Luke Skywalker to life once again. You can feel the pain & suffering in Mark Hamill’s acting. Daisy Ridley will be a great asset for the future of this franchise as she shows the potential to take it far ahead. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren shows the conflict he is facing throughout the movie correctly. I would say Star Wars future is in the right hands with actors like Daisy, Adam & Oscar Issac.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Music –

The background song in few scenes is more than epic & you will feel the tension rising with each note. John Williams has just made it the memorable outing for the Star Wars fans again with his beautiful work.

Final Verdict Star Wars: The Last Jedi –

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is undoubtedly a fantastic movie which has got many things to point however there are flaws in it. The fans will love and will root for Rian Johnson’s commendable work behind the camera for sure. However, Star Wars without characters like Princess Lea, Han Solo & Luke Skywalker(he may not return) feels incomplete to me as we have spent our childhood with them & learned from their failures. It will take time for many of us to strengthen that bond with Rey, Poh & Finn.

Still, go with your families, take your kids to this extravaganza which not only entertains you but tells you that ‘Teachers best gift to his pupil is his learnings from the failures he has faced throughout life.’ You will return home with the smile on your face and thinking, May the Force be with all of us.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

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