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Steam Flash Sale Is Coming Back With A Twist

After being retired from past couple of years, Steam Flash Sales are reportedly on the way back.

Steam Flash Sales

If you don’t know about Steam Sales then let me tell you that basically all games included in the sale at two prices, one is sale price which is always lower than retail price and other is even discounted price from the sale price. The discounted price only available for a limited time.

According to Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker, Steam Flash Sales will be different from previous flash sales.

Due to limited time, Flash Sales is one of the questionable aspects of Steam Sales. In these, you don’t get an idea when the discounted price will show up in steam and it becomes more frustrating when you wait a day for a game to be discounted and you miss that deal in the time frame when you hadn’t checked the steam page.

Steam Flash Sales

In this year’s flash sales, Developers have the freedom to set a time limit for visible flash sales for their games between six and twelve hours. The home page of steam will update the deals in every one or two hours. So, it will keep players visiting the page every hour to see the deal of their choice.

Currently, this information is not confirmed by Valve but McVicker usually relays accurate information. So, get ready to spend an entire day for finding a worth best deal for yourself. You can be lucky that will you will get your game in the first few hours of flash sales on heavy discount.

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