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Stranger Things Season 2 Review !! Trick or Treat, Is it Worth It ?

Stranger Things Season 2 Review

Stranger Things is like a bottle full of Nostalgia, prepared from ingredients like action, thrill & comedy which you want to chug in one go. You must have enjoyed the season 1 where a group of 4 friends meet a girl named Eleven and together they fight off creatures from upside down. Eleven became the household name & everyone loved mutant/girl, who is crazy for waffles.

Stranger Things Season 2 reviewNow the second season is out and you must be curious to know what it has in the box for you. Does it take you on the journey full of nostalgia & Easter eggs again this time around?

The show picks up right from where the season one ended when Will was saved from the upside down. Now almost three months have passed since that incident and everything looks normal until we see Will having a daydream of upside down which shows his town’s impending doom. The story takes time to pick up the pace, as the creators wanted to introduce you to new characters & give you feel what has changed in these months. As the show progresses the visions of the Will become more extreme & tormenting and we are introduced to the shadow monster with tentacles whose motive is yet not clear. This season also the lab in town plays a significant role as monster spreads itself from there. Last year the guys came face to face with Demogorgon who can give you chills in the daylight; this year they face an army demodogs who are like pets of shadow monster. The plan of shadow monster comes to light when he possesses Will & tries to keep an eye on people by using him as the spy.

During the whole season, there are plenty of Easter eggs & references have been made to cult movies like Ghost busters, The Aliens etc. The story not only focuses on the action or mystery but also explore the love angle between Nancy & Jonathan. Along with that it also has the good amount of light moments & Dustin is at the center of these moments as he tickles you with his “Purrs”.

The creators have focused on developing a show that is more story driven and backed up with superb character development as we go along. This season’s best character would be that of Hopper and Steven. I know you are completely amazed after reading the 2nd name as he was kind of an asshole during the first season and come the second season he is the coolest & mature person. Eleven didn’t have much role to play during this season & not much has been added to her character apart from exploring father-daughter like the relationship between Jim & her as he takes care of her after she comes back from upside down.  We are also introduced to new characters, Billy & Max both brother & sister respectively. Max’s character is cool & later she goes on joining our all boys gang and becomes the love interest of one boy, will leave the name of that person for you to find out. As no high school based show or movie is complete without a bully, we are introduced to one who is named Billy, Max’s elder brother a complete asshole.

Child Actors have done some amazing work. I was in love with the Dustin as a character he brought light moments to the screen with great finesse. Also, was blown away by the performance of Will, he surely is the contender for Emmy Awards. His facial expression & acting will surely give you Goosebumps. It’s a no-brainier that each kid from this show has bright future as they keep up the great work.

Background score is another plus to the whole story as it provides the mystical aura to the whole adventure. They have been able to conceive such an encapsulating score which enhances your experience while watching each episode. For me, in this season everything looked just perfect till I started episode 7 as it has no connection with the whole season & focuses on developing a story for Eleven where we are introduced one another character with superpowers. This episode is easily forgettable one & adds nothing to the story. In the season finale, Eleven comes back to save the town & eventually whole earth by closing the doorway to the Upside down & everybody takes a deep breath that they have finally one, Have they? Check out the season to know what’s in store for next season.

Overall Stranger Things season 2 is the worthy successor to one hell of an astonishing first season and develops more on the previous story and gives you the right amount of action, horror, mystery, and comedy. Keeping aside few issues like Eleven’s less developed character everything in the show makes you fall in love with it.

Final Verdict Rating – 4.5/5 Bananas

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