8 Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece, Luffy defeated in 2018

Being the Straw Hat captain, Luffy is always challenged by strongest of the villains. Sometimes, he could not get through his few opponents but he has given hard times to many others and defeated them

The strongest enemies which Luffy has defeated in the year 2018 has been listed below

8. Shadow Asgard Moriah

Shadow Asgard Moriah lost to Luffy due to his laziness. Although, Moriah engrossed all the shadows in Thriller Bark region which even includes zombies like Cindry Moriah but could not control & master the 1000 shadows absorbed, which gave Luffy a chance to beat him and free all the shadows.

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

7. Rob Lucci

Lucci has been a very formidable opponent and he has the combined strength of Zoan and the mastery of Rokushiki technique

Luffy had a very powerful battle with Rokuogan Lucci but by use of Gatling Jet attack from Luffy , the CP-9 agent got thrashed away.

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

6. Oars

Oars were really powerful opponent who does not feel pain and was really strong.

But Luffy nightmare weakened the Oars which utilised the power of 100 shadows to take the gigantic zombie down before the 100 shadows leave the Luffy

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

5. Crocodile (Strongest Enemy in One Piece)

Crocodile gave a really stiff challenge to Luffy, but Luffy was only able to defeat the Crocodile with his no give up attitude

Crocodile managed to dry out the Luffy two times, but as the Luffy did not give up which frustrated the Luffy allowing him to beat the Crocodile in the third battle

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

4. Enel

Enel has been one of the strongest opponents in 2018, as his strength is greater than Wipers, Zoro, Robin and others. Also, his power levels exceed everyone in Skypiea.

We are aware of the fact, Luffy is not the master of Busoshoku Heki but he still managed to beat Enel as rubber natural resistance to electricity

In the end, Luffy destroys the gold cladded hands of Enel and beat him out, by sending him flying away and his body hitting the bell

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

3. Charlotte Cracker (Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece)

Cracker lies at the 3rd position for a reason, his name is enough to cause troubles for many in this list. With his ability to use the Busoshoku Haki to enhance his attacking levels. Also, he has the ability to make strong biscuit warriors to protect himself

The fight between Cracker and Luffy went on for hours, but in the end, Luffy managed to knockout him

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

2. Donquixote Doflamingo (Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece)

Doflamingo is the owner of Tenryuubito blood whereas the Luffy is the owner of Will of the D.

Rosinate has stated that the owner of Will of the D will be the enemy of gods and the battle between Doflamingo and Luffy confirmed that.

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

1. Charlotte Katakuri (Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece)

Katakuri is really strong and also given a very hard time to Luffy. Katakuri has both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki making him stronger than Luffy. We have seen him imitating Luffy attacks and using it even in stronger ways. With the strength of Mochi Mochi no Mi, Katakuri made it really difficult for Luffy and did not take any damage in their first battle

While battling along with Katakuri, Luffy learns the Kenbunshoku Haki and also by using the Snake technique he manages to defeat the mighty Katakuri

Strongest Enemy Characters in One Piece

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