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Stupid Man Smart Phone Review, Indeed An Authentic Saviour!

Stupid Man Smart Phone is an adventurous cum entertaining web series on Voot Original powered by Motorola and presented by Vodafone 4G. A nine episode series consisting 3 missions followed by the triplet set of episodes each. Exploring Dense Forest, Scorching heat and Mighty Mountains is our renowned, daring, social media sensation and adventure junky cast, Sumeet Vyas, Evelyn Sharma, Sahil Khattar and Karan Kundra.

Stupid Man Smart Phone
All assigned different mission with the lead Sumeet Vyas have folded their sleeves to embrace Nature’s challenge with the only saviour and that is none other than their smart phone.

Here begins the series with its First Mission i.e. to deliver anti-venom to a man with a snake tattoo in a tiny village of Coimbatore. With Sumeet we have gorgeous Evelyn Sharma. They’ve got to cross the waterfall enroute, before sundown. Standing between them and their destination is a broken down car, mighty river and a jungle crawling with spiders and snakes. While walking into the dense woods it gets so dark that they got to stay there and lit up a fire, to sense out some visibility and obviously take some rest. Having an unusual morning next day they finally reach the water fall, but oops! They gotta take an alternate way as it started raining heavily and water level reaches to an alarming level, moving ahead towards their target through the jungle having fun and enjoying the view, there comes another waterfall to be crossed which looks smooth and easy to cross as the previous one. Sumeet gives a humorous definition to explain the meaning of the word “RAITA” to Evelyn saying,” When life fucks you over is called as RAITA”, LOL!

Stupid Man Smart Phone
Finally reaching to their assigned destination, that village, searching for that guy with snake tattoo whom they have to give that anti-venom. It seemed they are having issues in understanding Tamil, but villagers helped them to meet him. And yeahh! Finally they are served with good food as a compliment for accomplishing their mission.

Here drops the Second Mission i.e. to transport Humpty, the camel across the sand dunes for her wedding. Sahil Khattar, the social media sensation is here as an accomplice to Sumeet. It began with their awesome introductory encounter that is seriously funny and they were asked to reach a particular destination on an antique Luna that too without break. They were handed over a female camel named Humpty to be transported across sand dunes for her wedding and got some cactus stems and raw onion to feed them as well as humpty. Exploring their way they reach a haunted village, Kuldhara. Manages to lit the fire and arrange things to sleep they roasted their onion and cactus to eat as the dinner taking help from a YouTube video. Sumeet finds it difficult to sleep in so dark, so he plans to watch a movie on his phone, switching on the projector mode, an advertisement for Moto Z2. Waking up hungry next morning in an extremely hot weather, tried milching their camel to survive, followed by some successful experiments to ride a camel.

Stupid Man Smart Phone

In the middle of their way both gets down to pee and enjoy the sand dunes slide and soon realising that they’ve lost humpty. With a desert storm on its way and Humpty still missing, they both are exhausted, irritated and at each other’s collar. They both takes a sigh of relief as it began to rain, at least better then getting roasted in heat, enjoying rain and heading towards their mission they finally meets a man who is also residing alone in the deserted area. Taking rest there with him and thanking him for the aid, Sumeet amusingly plays a song “MERCY” for him and he not understanding anything out of that, starts dancing. Here strikes a plan in Sahil’s mind that he has phone in his bag, which he lost with humpty and he can track his phone with the help of Sumeet’s phone , which really helped them find humpty and taking her safely to her wedding place.

Here gets the task accomplished and they both happily attended humpty’s marriage ceremony followed by a celebration. Sahil proves to be an awesome partner for this mission.

Now coming on the final leg of season 1 i.e. Third Mission, where Sumeet is joined by adventure junky Karan Kundra, to deliver letters to army camp at Sela Pass, high up in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. A lovely announcement made by Karan to find Sumeet at the bus stop, Guwahati Assam near Kamakhya Devi temple. Standing between them and their destination is a river that they need to build a raft to travel across. Little did they know that the strong river currents can swallow them whole in a second. As it got dark while heading for their next target i.e. Gompa, where another parcel awaits them, they set up a tent to stay at night. Waking up next morning with a cow’s mooo, finding the same river in front of them which they are supposed to raft and cross, there lies their survival it hanged on the same cow’s horns. Wowww! Nice. It carries two bulbs of garlic, churpi (a hard cheese made up of yak’s milk, helpful enough to stay full for approx. 2 hrs) and bamboo shoots. Making a raft they get all set to hit through the water way.
After a long trek, Karan and Sumeet are in the middle of nowhere by the night, taking shelter at Thembang, Arunachal Pradesh (the home to tribe of Monpa), they start the next day with fun and archery. Plucking corns from the field, they gotta break woods with axe and take those baskets full of them, up to the mountains, each basket weighing almost 10-15 kgs.

Stupid Man Smart Phone

Finds a place to stay at night in Monpa, enjoying local diet- brown steamed rice, fish broth and boiled spinach with chilli paste, finally a delicious and healthy diet, after a long and tiring adventure. Heading again for Gompa, both taking different directions but Karan soon realises that he didn’t take Sumeet’s contact number in case he needs to inform. But their saviour is there to aid them through, Thanks to their smart phones for actually helping to reach the Monastery. They well shocked to see that the parcel which awaits them turns out to be a little boy, he is to be transported to Sela Pass, to write an essay on army men and to meet them. They are almost 10,000 ft. above sea level and on the way enjoying the view and the biting cold, suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness, they take garlic cloves to maintain their body heat. 13,500 ft over sea level finally reached Sela Pass (Army camp). Unfortunately can’t reach base camp, due to some border issues. Here goes a fantastic end of season 1.

Last Verdict.
WOW! That’s what is called as a true adventurous, funny cum exciting exploration and with a saviour like World Wide Web, it became an awesome experience and a badass treat for the viewer’s eyes.

Rating- 4/5.

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