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Successor of Essential PH-1 phone will come with better camera

The Essential Phone was launched last year with a unique design. The smartphone was developed by Andy Rubin’s company who is known as the father of Android and was supposed to be a revolution in the smartphone industry but the sales of the smartphone were not impressive. Currently, however, the company is already working on a successor.

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A majority of users have hoped lot of the Essential PH-1, as the former Android developer Andy Rubin is behind the manufacturer of the smartphone. By contrast, the device turned out to be a total flop in December: due to delays in delivery in some of the regions and technical disadvantages, the smartphone probably only found fewer than 100,000 owners worldwide.



Now Andy Rubin finally breaking his silence and spoked out for a second generation. The successor of the Essential PH-1 could become a hit only when it will have improved camera. That’s what the manufacturers says as reported by Business Insider. A numerous photo quality updates were provided for the Essential Phone, but it cannot compete with comparable mid-range devices in terms of camera.

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Further details of the smartphone are not known However, there might be certain leaks and rumors circulating all around, but they are not we be believed.All expansion options that can be used with the Essential PH-1 should remain compatible with the successor. Via the interface, a 360-degree camera can be connected to the smartphone. When the second generation is to be presented and put on the market remains unclear.

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