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Sumeet Vyas on Hijack: I wanted to delve Into Some Eccentric Topic

Sumeet Vyas is a remarkable figure on the digital platform. Doing fantabulous works in his web shows like Permanent Roommates, CEOgiri, Stupid Man Smart Phone and Tripling, the actor has marked his presence in Bollywood also by staring in super-hit movies like “English-Vinglish” and “Ribbon”. The actor is quite curious about his two upcoming movies, High Jack and Veere Di wedding.


Sumeet Vyas
There is a saying- “Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack”, same is in the case of Sumeet Vyas, Confront him with any kind of character he is gonna come back tailoring himself in the skin of the character. Giving the best of his performances in everything assigned to him has made a long run on the digital platform. After starring into good number of films the actor has two movies aligned this year: High Jack and Veere Di Wedding, playing a DJ in the former and a single guy in the group of ladies in Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor feature Veere Di wedding. The movie: Hijack is all set to hit the theatre on April 20 which also stars Mantra Mugdh, Sonnalli Seygall and Kumud Mishra. Talking about the endeavours of his role, Sumeet Said “ “I’m not a party animal. I haven’t hung around with a lot of DJs. Also, I wanted to completely step away from the kind of stuff I have been doing so far, the guy next door, the nice guy. I wanted to explore a slightly weird topic, a quirkier role. So, it required a little bit of preparation.”

Sumeet Vyas

In an exclusive chat with, Sumeet shared what is it about him that connects with the audience. “I think honesty because I don’t pretend to be that person, I am genuinely that person. That’s my approach to acting. So I can’t pretend to look dumb. I have to genuinely think dumb if I’m playing dumb or I have to genuinely be in that pure state of mind if I am performing. Mikesh’s character is too unadulterated for today’s times which is most endearing about him, even when he is saying the most inappropriate things, he just doesn’t feel wrong. Perhaps that effort to be that honest is what connects with the audience,” said Sumeet. Sumeet comes from a theatre background. Though the actor agrees he gets less time to indulge in that now, he said, “I refuse to take my foot out of that boat. I just want to continue doing theatre.”

The actor and writer of  TVF Tripling, revealed that the team is now working on its second season. “We are writing the second season of Tripling. Hopefully, that should come out by the end of this year.”


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