Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 review

The second episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes dropped recently and things are getting really exciting as the series is moving onto a more self contained story. Without further delay, let’s move to the review of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2.

Episode 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes starts off with Goku, Vegeta and Mai searching for Trunks who is apparently lost when suddenly a mysterious enemy with an enormous ki dubbed The Evil Saiyan by Fu appears right before the group.

Without any ado, the enemy starts attacking the group with strong ki blasts. While Goku attempts to attack him in his Super Saiyan form he gets hit by the evil ki and himself gets engulfed in it’s negative energy. A short battle ensues between Goku and Vegeta while Trunks appears.


Just when Vegeta tells Trunks to fend off evil Goku caught up in the negative energy, and attempts to go battle the evil Saiyan, the villain we all are very well familiar with appears into the scene.

That enemy is no other than Cooler. The name of the Evil Saiyan is meanwhile revealed to be Cumber. The highlight of the episode is none other than Cooler turning into the Golden Form, much similar to his canon smaller brother Frieza.

The battles in this episode are very short and move on with a very quick pace, but the energy of the action scenes is not lost as our heroes try to fight the evil forces. The most amazing moment has to be when Goku and Vegeta decide to fight off the threats by fusing using the Potara earrings.

Vegeto has made a much awaited comeback after his appearance in the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super. The episode cuts off right after Vegeto turns into his powerful Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

The promotional anime is to promote the arcade game Super Dragon Ball Heroes in Japan. Though it is a promotional anime, it is still a good and small watch for fans. Those who are feeling empty after the spectacular journey that was Dragon Ball Super and are meanwhile needing something to make their wait for the continuation of Dragon Ball Super with the upcoming movie can look forward to the upcoming episodes of this short series.

Stay tuned and look forward to the spoilers of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 for more exciting details regarding this very exciting and fun promotional Dragon Ball anime.

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