Super Smash Bros Ultimate update v3.1.0 early patch notes

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans are excited to hear about the v3.1.0 update coming later this week on Nintendo Switch. In this upcoming update v3.1.0, Nintendo is making adjustments to the number of fighters in the game to rebalance the game. Check out the early patch notes for Super Smash Bros Ultimate v3.1.0 update in the following articles.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update v3.1.0 Early Patch Notes

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As of now, no information has been released by Nintendo about the upcoming update. But according to Nintendo UK VS, the update will include fighter adjustments which will nerf the overpowered fighters and buff up the weak ones. Since there will be fighter changes, the replays from previous versions of the game will not work. So, before installing the update, you’ll need to go the vault and convert them to video.

When will Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update v3.1.0 go live?

According to Nintendo UK VS, the v3.1.0 update is going to come later this week. This was disclosed by them in the tweet on May 28, 2019, which is mentioned below:

If you’re thinking of addition of any new character to the game, that couldn’t be true for certain. This is because, till now, there has been no leak which points towards this. So, for that, we just have to wait until the update or the actual patch notes arrives.

Stay tuned to our website as we will post the patch notes as soon as they are released officially by Nintendo.

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