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Swampert’s exclusive move confirmed for Pokemon Go Community Day

This month’s Community Day is going to feature the Gen 3 water-type starter Pokemon Mudkip. During the three hours window, Mudkip’s spawn rate will be increased, and also trainers will have a great opportunity to catch shiny Mudkip easily than normal hours.

During Community Day, featured Pokemon also evolve into and learns an exclusive move. Mudkip will evolve to Marshtomp and then to Swampert. Your Swampert will learn an exclusive move which can’t be learnt during normal hours. When Niantic revealed the details about the event, they didn’t give any details about what will be the move.

Now, it is confirmed that if you will evolve your Marshtomp to Swampert during three hours window, your Swampert will learn the charge move, Hydro Cannon.

Pokemon Go July Community day is going to begin on July 21st from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at your local time.

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