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SYNCED: Off-Planet Advanced Alpha Patch Notes – Sept 17

Hey Survivors!!

While we know many of you are still waiting to get your hands on the game, we figured we’d at least keep you all updated with what’s going on patch notes-wise. We’re eternally grateful for all of the feedback that’s been given to us over the last few weeks, and we really wouldn’t be where we are without all of you. Please note that when the update is being published, the servers will be offline for a short whileRest assured, you won’t be kept off the battlefield for long!

If you’ve been out of the loop, the North American Advanced Alpha starts TODAY, so it’s a perfect time to try these out if you’re just getting your hands on the game! As always, you can leave us any feedback, bug reports, and more in our official Discord. (just make sure to read the #faq channel in order to get the Advanced Alpha role before you start conversing in detail about the test, and to only chat it up in the tester-only channels).


  • Shuttle Rush (PvPvE) mode has been redesigned in the following ways:

    • Matches now start with less teams

    • The play area / map is now smaller

    • There are now only two waves of shuttles instead of three

    • We hope these new changes will improve the overall experience across queuing for Shuttle Rush matches and while playing in them — let us know how they feel!

  • The first match for new players after the initial tutorial is now a Nano Rise (PvE) match instead of a Shuttle Rush (PvPvE) match.

  • Instructions to intro videos of all game modes have been updated.

  • Re-balanced the Boss level of Nano Rise (PvE) matches.

  • Re-balanced the Charge Absorption ability in Nano Rise (PvE) matches.


  • Fixed an issue where UI would freeze under some circumstances

  • Fixed an issue where characters would be invisible / transparent

  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck at a black screen after logging in

  • Fixed an issue where the Bouncing Ball grenade may explode by taking damage from the Demolition Master ability before its effects have ended

  • Fixed an issue regarding aiming that was encountered after switching weapons frequently

  • Removed an invisible blocking area in Nano Rise (PvE) mode

  • Fixed some incorrect weapon unlocking levels

  • Fixed an issue regarding hitboxes, where some characters might have become stuck around the edges of some objects

  • Fixed an issue where one team could have two positions listed on the in-game leaderboard in Shuttle Rush (PvPvE) mode.


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