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T-Series files lawsuit against PewDiePie, Delhi High Court directs YouTube to remove PewDiePie songs

The race to become the number one YouTube channel in the world has now been dragged to court. A few weeks back, T-Series took the lead and beat PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

To mock the lead, PewDiePie released a Diss track called’Congratulations’, in which he first congratulated T-Series for becoming the number one channel, then used some defamatory, disparaging, insulting and offensive words against T-Series and the Indian community.

In response to this T-Series filed a suit in Delhi High Court against PewDiePie to restrain him from uploading songs ‘T-Series Diss Track/Bitch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’.

T-Series vs PewDiePie
Credit: Barandbench

Senior Advocate Amit Sibal represented T-Series at the High Court along with other Advocates including Harsh Kaushik, Abhay Chattopadhyaya and Varun Tandon.

An interim order has been granted by Justice Jayant Nath in a suit presented by the T-series, which permanently restrains PewDiePie for uploading songs titled ‘T-Series Diss Track/Bitch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’.

YouTube has been directed to remove both of these songs from its platform.

At the time of writing the article, YouTube removed both these songs from its platform from the Indian region and is currently unavailable.

Previously, when PewDiePie released Bitch Lasagna song, T-Series sent a written letter to PewDiePie to cease and desist activities like these, and at that time he apologised and also assured not to make any further diss songs.

But it seems like PewDiePie could not take up the heat of losing, and made a diss track to defame T-Series.

Now, it would be interesting to see how PewDiePiew reacts to this suit. Will he take the matter up to court or will stay calm.


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