Respawn teases that Leviathans could cause mayhem in Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Leviathans

Respawn Entertainment have released a cryptic message which suggests that Leviathans in Apex Legends could cause a significant change on the map in season 2. Apex Legends Leviathans Since the game’s launch, Leviathans were standing near the surrounding water of King’s Canyon. Now, ahead of Apex Legends season 2 release, they have started moving toward … Read more

Apex Legends season 2 release date confirmed, new legend wattson, legendary skins and weapons revealed

Apex legends season 2

Finally, after a lot of speculations, Respawn has confirmed Apex Legends season 2 release date along with a bunch of information. Apex Legends season 2 release date During EA Play 2019, Respawn has confirmed that Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass is releasing on July 7th. The season 2 battle pass is titled as battle … Read more

Apex Legends Season 2 changes & details leaked

Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn is about to drop more details on the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2 today at E3 2019. However, the leaks regarding Apex Legends Season 2 have started sprouting out on many message boards and forums. One data miner named’RENGOLD’ took it to Reddit to reveal details for the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2. According … Read more

When does Apex Legends Season 1 will begin, Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 1

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game players in the block. It attracted 1 million players in just 8 hours of its launch. Respawn Entertainment developed the game ‘Apex Legends’ and it has already attracted big players like Ninja, Dr. Disrespect and many more. The game features eight legends characters, each having unique ability … Read more