New Apex Legends glitch allows players to shoot through closed doors

New Apex Legends Glitch

A new Apex Legends glitch has become a hot topic within a day which allows players to shoot through the closed doors. Experience a new glitch has become a normal thing for players as the game is already suffering from a lot of critical glitches and bugs since the release. Released in February, the game … Read more

Respawn teases that Leviathans could cause mayhem in Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Leviathans

Respawn Entertainment have released a cryptic message which suggests that Leviathans in Apex Legends could cause a significant change on the map in season 2. Apex Legends Leviathans Since the game’s launch, Leviathans were standing near the surrounding water of King’s Canyon. Now, ahead of Apex Legends season 2 release, they have started moving toward … Read more

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt challenges & rewards revealed

Respawn Entertainment to reveal all-new LTM ‘The Legendary Hunt’ on June 4. The new Limited Time mode will go live at 10 AM PST/2 PM EST. Before the official launch of the new mode, The Legendary Hunt challenges and its rewards have been revealed on Reddit. The list of leaked challenges has revealed what rewards … Read more

New Apex Legends ‘The Legendary Hunt’ LTM is playable by Elite Players only

New Apex Legends Legendary Hunt LTM playable Elite Queue Players Photo

The first-ever LTM is coming to Apex Legends this week. The LTM is named ‘The Legendary Hunt’. The Legendary Hunt LTM is going to bring a lot of new content in-game to keep players engaged until season 2 arrives. But there is bad news for the players as the LTM will not be playable by … Read more

Apex Legends Bugged Instant Death Location Found!

Apex Legends Bugged Instant Death Location Found Photo

Apex Legends players have recently discovered a bugged location which results in the instant death of the player. Since its release in February, many bugs and glitches have made their way in the game. Respawn have noticed most of the glitches but some are still in the game for months. This new bug is now … Read more

Apex Legends players responses to misleading Apex Pack drop rates

Apex Legends players responses to misleading Apex Pack drop rates Photo

Apex Legends players are criticizing EA and Respawn for how misleading their claim about heirloom sets’ drop rates in Apex Pack is. Apex Packs are a way to unlock various cosmetic items without purchasing them directly. To open Apex Packs, you can use Apex Legends Coins which you can buy from the store or by … Read more

How to get free Apex Legends Playstation Plus Pack

How to get free Apex Legends Playstation Plus Pack Photo

Respawn Entertainment and PlayStation has come together to give out a free Apex Legends Play Pack for all the PlayStation Plus subscribers. It is similar to the pack that came out just after the release of Apex Legends. But this time, it has two free legends’ skin(Mirage and Lifeline), two weapon skins and two banners. … Read more

Apex Legends dev response to the complaints about lack of content teases upcoming content

Apex Legends response to the complaints teases upcoming content Photo

Apex Legends players have been waiting for a long time to see some content added in the popular battle royale. But there has been no response until recently, Apex Legends dev response has come up. The Apex Legends dev response to the complaint about lack of content has teased upcoming content. Let’s check it out. … Read more

Interesting video shows voices behind your favorite Apex Legends Characters

apex legends secret reload animations

Apex Legends is one of the best free battle royale games available in the market. The game was released back in February 2019 and became an overnight success. The game amassed a total of 50 million players in just one month of its release. The game features a total of nine legends and each of … Read more

New 3D Models hints addition of Two New Legends to Apex Legends

new game modes Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are waiting for Respawn Entertainment to drop the next major content update. The game initially sky-rocketed to success, but now the game is lagging behind its rival Fortnite due to fewer content updates. Respawn has already confirmed that new game modes for the game which has really excited players. Now a new … Read more