Avengers 4 Title reveal-Avengers The Last Avenger Mark Ruffalo

Avengers 4 Title-Avengers 4 The Last Avenger

The Avengers 4 Title reveal by Mark Ruffalo on the Jimmy Fallon Show, but is it fake or real? I don’t know because I didn’t do the process which is going to be disclosed soon. The Marvel Studios has done everything to keep the details away from the fans to keep up the hype for … Read more

Huge Avengers 4 Plot Leak Is Either Shocking or Just A Fan Theory

Marvel Avengers 4

Almost two months after Avengers 4 hitting the screens, fans have already speculated a lot of theories that how the original Avengers will defeat the mad titan, but one fan theory is making rounds on the internet claiming as a massive Avengers 4 plot leak! Avengers 4 Plot Leak A Reddit user – abigfriend posted … Read more

Avengers 4 Title Apparently Leaked And Its Jaw Dropping!

Avengers 4 Title Avengers 4 Spoiler

Avengers: Infinity War, the title to the one of the two Phase 3 Avengers movie and a movie which seems to have no brakes. As still, the film continues to earn, the only film which can beat this flick is the Avengers 4. While the makers of the movie are keeping tight wraps around the … Read more

Avengers 4 Villains That are Confirmed And Rumored to Appear

Avengers Infinity War was the first Marvel movie that focused more on a villain. We experienced various events in the film through his perspective, and this lends a refreshing take on the Superhero genre. The movie was not only shouldered on one villain, moreover, we were also introduced to new villain along with existing ones … Read more