Avengers 4: Here’s How Captain America Is Going To Die

Avengers 4 Theory How Captain America is Going to Die

Avengers Infinity War was the most anticipated superhero movie of all time. The arduous scale on which the film was written and produced is shocking. It has been called the most ambitious crossover project in all of the movie history. The movie features around 40 superheroes Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc. sharing the screen … Read more

Avengers 4 Title Apparently Leaked And Its Jaw Dropping!

Avengers 4 Title Avengers 4 Spoiler

Avengers: Infinity War, the title to the one of the two Phase 3 Avengers movie and a movie which seems to have no brakes. As still, the film continues to earn, the only film which can beat this flick is the Avengers 4. While the makers of the movie are keeping tight wraps around the … Read more

Chris Pratt Leaked ‘Avengers 4’ Spoiler to Bryce Dallas Howard

Avengers 4 Spoiler Bryce Dallas Howard

After literally giving Thanos a hand in obliterating half of the universe, Chris Pratt aka Star-Lord from the Guardians of Galaxy spills the beans to his Jurassic World counterpart, Bryce Dallas Howard! Infinity War ended in a massive cliff-hanger, and the fans are theorising/making up all sorts of stories as to how the Avengers(Avengers 4 … Read more

How Thanos recognised Stark in Avengers: Infinity War?

The Avengers: Infinity War saw one of the most bizarre situations occurring in the MCU. While some may think that they have reasons for happening, we are yet to see the reasons in the upcoming sequel. One such situation was when Thanos recognised Stark. While fans were working out how he knew Stark, we didn’t … Read more

‘Avengers 4’ Is Revisiting The Battle of New York- But Why?

Avengers 4 Footage

With a snap of fingers of Thanos, the whole MCU is in a mess, with half of the Universe wiped out, the remaining Avengers have to face the situation and change the consequences by defeating Thanos. While the post-scene credits had hinted on Captain Marvel to come in and save the Universe, we have pictures … Read more

Where Were Ant-Man And The Wasp In Avengers Infinity Wars?

Ant-Man and the wasp Review

WHERE WERE THE ANT-MAN AND THE WASP IN INFINITY WARS? Smashing all the box-office records, the third instalment of Avengers – Infinity War is loved by the fans. While the movie sure was a great ambitious cross-over project, fans were quick to notice some of the characters unseen in the movie. One such pair of … Read more

Avengers 4 Villains That are Confirmed And Rumored to Appear

Avengers Infinity War was the first Marvel movie that focused more on a villain. We experienced various events in the film through his perspective, and this lends a refreshing take on the Superhero genre. The movie was not only shouldered on one villain, moreover, we were also introduced to new villain along with existing ones … Read more

Avengers 4 Fan Theory Suggests Doctor Strange Involved in Captain Marvel’s Arrival

Avengers 4 Fan Theory Doctor Strange Involved in Arrival of Captain Marvel

The wheels were set in motion for the Avengers 4 and how to defeat Thanos by the very end of Avengers Infinity War when we got the first glimpse of Nick Fury contacting Captain Marvel using his pager. As per Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios Captain Marvel will be the most powerful superhero … Read more

Does Hulk’s Suit In ‘Avengers 4’ First Look Point Towards Professor Hulk?

Avengers 4 hulk suit professor hulk Bruce Banner

Marvel fans a few days back got the first look at the team of Avengers that will be taking on the Mad Titan Thanos to put things back in place. The concept art included the Avengers who survived Thanos’ snap of fingers and the new ones which include mighty Captain Marvel along with Ant-Man and … Read more

First Look of Thanos from Avengers 4 Possibly Revealed

Avengers 4 hulk suit professor hulk Bruce Banner

Avengers Infinity War gave us the villain who single-handedly took on of all our favourite superheroes. By the end of the movie, Thanos had not only left the Avengers broken and decimated he also made us emotional. He came out as one of the most potent antagonists who possesses both brain and brute force. He … Read more