Infinity War Directors explain Bruce and Hulk’s Relationship

Avengers 4 Theory Hulk is a Skrull Thor: Ragnarok

Bruce and Hulk’s personalities were always poles apart and their relationship is one thing which is never sorted out in MCU. For instance, in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk took over their shared brain and forced Bruce into hiding. When Avengers: Infinity War came around, it was exactly the opposite, and the Hulk refused to show his … Read more

Avengers Infinity War Theory – Was Loki Posing As Bruce Banner ?

Avengers Infinity War Theory Loki posing as Bruce Banner

Did Loki survive Thanos’ attack in Avengers Infinity War? Hiding in plain sight, Was Loki posing as Bruce Banner the whole time in Infinity War? It’s only a theory, but yes, the God of Mischief may have done a little trick to save his life and to warn the Avengers about the Thanos. According to … Read more

Does Hulk’s Suit In ‘Avengers 4’ First Look Point Towards Professor Hulk?

Avengers 4 hulk suit professor hulk Bruce Banner

Marvel fans a few days back got the first look at the team of Avengers that will be taking on the Mad Titan Thanos to put things back in place. The concept art included the Avengers who survived Thanos’ snap of fingers and the new ones which include mighty Captain Marvel along with Ant-Man and … Read more