10 Most Entertaining DCEU Characters Till Now

It seems like an eternity, the battle between DC and Marvel fans about which is better. Obviously, with Marvel Studios stepping up in the game introducing the MCU, DC also played its hand in the cinematic universe by introducing DCEU. But then as we all seen how bad that has turned out to be for … Read more

Debacle of ‘Justice League’ Leads to Restructuring at DC Films


Will Warner Bros. get everything right this time? Maybe Warner Brother is coming to its senses after the failure of Justice League at the box office. Yes, I know movie got mixed reviews and earned reasonably well, however as compared to its competitor Avengers it stood nowhere near. DC films never got their formula right … Read more

New Injustice 2 Trailer shows “The Atom” featuring in DLC Pack 3

Injustice 2 is the second game in Injustice series.It follows the event of the Injustice: Gods Among Us and in a different world where a group of villains is led by The society( Brainiac ). Its newest trailer featuring Ryan Choi a.k.a The Atom. He will be available in the upcoming fighter pack 3 which also includes … Read more

Justice League Movie Review !! Together but not Great ” Lacklustre”

Justice League is the DCEU’s first big ‘team up’ movie. The synopsis follows Batman and Wonder Woman uniting together to recruit meta humans to help defend the world from an imminent invasion by Steppenwolf and his army of para-demons. If there was one word to describe 2017’s Justice League, it would be ‘lacklustre’. The whole … Read more

Justice League Release Date,Trailer,Cast and Story Details

Justice League releasing on 17th November, is a superhero film based on DC comics & distributed under Warner Bros Pictures. This movie is the fifth installment  under DC universe. The success of Avenger series from Marvel Comics is pushing DC comics to club it’s characters and produce movies with group of superheroes defending the earth … Read more