5 Anime Like My Hero Academia ( Boku No Hero Academia )

5 Anime Like My Hero Academia 

In Today’s post, I will discuss five anime like My Hero Academia. As you know that the 3rd season of My Hero Academia has already covered its half journey and will end after ten episodes. My Hero Academia anime is perfect in telling everything whether it is an emotional bond, friendship, determination toward a goal, … Read more

Jump Force Characters Leaked- Full Roster Of Jump Force

The Legendary Manga magazine Shone Jump turns 50 this year. Its team of Shonen Jump is celebrating this achievement with a huge game. They are producing an all star-fighting game with Unite, Jump Force. In the game, greatest characters from the Shonen Jump magazine will fight against each other. In the game, you can pick-up a … Read more

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 63 Spoilers

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 63: Sasuke’s Secret Weapon Otsutsuki vs Kages The Anime Developers shifted the Momoshiki Arc little bit from the Original Manga. One of the best episodes in Boruto series so far is Episode 62, which offered so many powerful abilities and fighting skills. In the last episode, we have seen Otsutsuki … Read more

Boruto Episode 62 Prediction

Boruto Episode 62 Prediction Shinobi Vs Ōtsutsuki Mitsuki Vs Urashiki Boruto episode 62 will be aired on 14 June, that is, on Thursday and it will be the best episode amongst the previous ones. After getting some predictions from the Reddit, we’ve tried to predict episode 62. Before going to this, let’s discuss some major … Read more

BORUTO NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS Episode 58- The Tournament Begins

Our genins are underway the path of becoming Chunin, as Chunin exams are being held at the Hidden Leaf Village. The Chunin exams have advanced to the third round. And our heroes Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki have found their place for the third round. The third round of Chunin exam has single elimination format and … Read more

Top 10 Best Anime Heroes

Anime is the most popular animated series in the world with millions of active viewers. The world of action and adventure anime has some best series like Dragon Ball and Tokyo Ghoul. Anime has successfully created a lot of fantasy in the hearts of fans which leads to the healthy discussion. Discussions like, which character … Read more

Bandai Namco Announced Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy For Switch With Debut Trailer

Nintendo Switch is about to witness another game series as Bandai Namco announced the  Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy to the platform at least in Japan. Bandai Namco also reveals its Debut trailer. //www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=152&v=sMPm6ugitwM The trailer is in Japanese but it highlights the features of the game. The game features the first three games of the Ninja … Read more