One Punch Man Season 2 reveals Teaser, Premier

One Punch Man Season 2 finally has a release month. One Punch Man Season 2 is all set to release on April 2019. To make things even more exciting for fans of this eccentric and wacky superhero extravaganza, there has been a lot of details and news released regarding the new season. One Punch Man … Read more

5 Anime Like My Hero Academia ( Boku No Hero Academia )

5 Anime Like My Hero Academia 

In Today’s post, I will discuss five anime like My Hero Academia. As you know that the 3rd season of My Hero Academia has already covered its half journey and will end after ten episodes. My Hero Academia anime is perfect in telling everything whether it is an emotional bond, friendship, determination toward a goal, … Read more

One Punch Man Chapter 93 Spoilers- All Out War Between Heroes And Monsters

One Punch Man 93 Spoilers

In the One Punch Man Chapter 92, after an enormous battle, Garou has been defeated by the beast form of Orochi at last moments by submission. Orochi is now as more powerful as a high-class monster. On the other hand, it seems that all monsters from the Monster Association are now prepared to beat the … Read more

Top 10 Best Anime Heroes

Anime is the most popular animated series in the world with millions of active viewers. The world of action and adventure anime has some best series like Dragon Ball and Tokyo Ghoul. Anime has successfully created a lot of fantasy in the hearts of fans which leads to the healthy discussion. Discussions like, which character … Read more