Overwatch latest Storm Rising teaser hints new map


Overwatch has shared a new video on its official Twitter account which hints towards the addition of a new map. The Overwatch Storm rising event began on April 16 & it added a new PvE mission to the game. Overwatch has a tradition of releasing teasers before the addition of any new content  to the … Read more

Blizzard is giving five free Overwatch Winter Wonderland loot boxes

Blizzard is rewarding its Overwatch players and community this Christmas & holidays. The players who will log in the game in this holidays season will be rewarded with free loot boxes from the Blizzard This promotion has seemed to be started at the time of Overwatch Yule Log Stream In the last year stream, we … Read more

How to unlock the new Ashe sprays in Overwatch Game

Black Friday 2018 is just two days away and the biggest sale for the year is about to hit the retail and online stores. Following the Black Friday and huge discount on items, the gaming companies also do not want to be left behind. Many gaming companies are offering a huge amount of discount on … Read more

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 shares Halloween Theme for Doomfist

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 event has started today and it will stay live till October 31st. As the name signifies it is a Halloween themed event, so one should expect the launch of Halloween Skins from the Overwatch Developers. Today, first Halloween based skin has been teased for the in-game character Doomfist. The new skin … Read more

New Overwatch Hero Hammond Is Hamster In Wrecking Ball

New Overwatch Hero

New Overwatch Hero Hammond is finally added to the Overwatch PTR. Fans speculated it that Hammond could be a Monkey with mech vehicle but Hammon is actually a Hamster. Hamster – New Overwatch Hero Hamster is problem creator with useful mechanic skills who always roll around in form of a huge wrecking ball to blow enemies by guns. Watch … Read more

Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Skins Coming For Anniversary 2018 Events

New Overwatch Skins

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event will celebrate the two anniversary of the Overwatch. On this event Blizzard is going to reveal a huge amount of in-game content out of which Blizzard reveals the new Overwatch skins. Overwatch anniversary 2018 event will run from 22 May to 11 June. It will be a big package of in-game … Read more

Overwatch latest patch April 2018 released is 15 GB size for PC

Overwatch has received latest patch and the updates in this patch is quiet impressive. The patch covers fairly large updates and bug fixes and sums around 15 GB in PC and 21 GB on Consoles Blizzard Entertainment has stated that this update has been huge, for the reason to improve technical streamlining with future updates … Read more

Overwatch World Cup 2018 Details Announced, Check Here

Overwatch World Cup is all set to make its return in the third year in a row and all details about the world cup have been released. Blizzard announced that the Overwatch World Cup will begin in March 2018 and wrap up in November in Southern California. Overwatch World Began its journey in 2016. In 2016, … Read more

Overwatch Brigitte, the game 26th hero not releasing this week

Overwatch game has already made a great name in the global gaming market among the users and the company is keeping up with the expectations of the fans of this game with updates and new characters at regular intervals of time The Overwatch is going to introduce the 26th hero and new character in the … Read more