Overwatch releases McCree Deadlock Skin for Storm Rising Event

Overwatch McCree Deadlock

Overwatch Archives event 2019, Storm Rising will commence on April 16th, but the developers have revealed a new skin to McCree when he was part of the Deadlock Gang. So far four skins have been revealed for the Storm Rising event, which includes skins for Baptiste, Moira, Junkrat and McCree. Also, Read Overwatch Archive Event … Read more

Overwatch Archive Event 2019, Storm Rising new skin teased for Moira


The next skin for the Overwatch Storm rising event has been released, and the latest skin is for the mad scientist ‘Moira O’Deorain’. The upcoming Overwatch Archives event will commence on April 16th and stay live until May 6th. Overwatch has already released the skin for Baptiste and Junkrat. Moira’s new skin is called ‘Scientist’ … Read more

Junkrat new clown skin introduced for Overwatch Storm Rising Event


Overwatch has released a new skin for Junkrat, and it is the second new skin released for the upcoming Overwatch Storm Rising event. Overwatch 2018 Archives event “Storm Rising” is featuring PvE mission where Sojourn is telling Soldier: 76 that she is sending Genji, Winston, Mercy and Tracer to track down Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien. The … Read more

Overwatch Patch Notes Bring Symmetra Overhaul To The Overwatch PTR

Overwatch Patch Notes

New Overwatch Patch Notes brings one of the biggest Overhaul since the Overwatch is launched. With the latest update, you can now play Symmetra rework on the Overwatch PTR. Now she is a Defense Hero rather than a support hero. Her abilities are completely changed. Patch also brings some tweaks to the Horizon Lunar Colony which … Read more

All Overwatch Anniversary Skins Have Leaked Before The Event

Overwatch Anniversary event will start on May 22 but it looks like all the 11 new Overwatch skins are apparently leaked. These skins are planned to be introduced in Overwatch  Anniversary Event 2018. According to the Reddit Post, Taiwanese Overwatch fan club posted all the in-game screenshot to the Facebook without any reason about he … Read more

Overwatch new skins for Overwatch Archive Event 2018 and Retribution

Overwatch in-game event, Overwatch Archive event 2018 is now live and available for play. The archived event has revived the last year’s Uprising PvE battle and new missions have been added through Retribution, a Blackwatch mission which will feature Reaper, Moira, Genji and Mc Cree with their battle with Talon Hordes. This event has also … Read more