Sony’s Marvel Universe may have a replacement to Spider-Man!

Sony is well aware of their deal with Disney and Spider-Man’s role in MCU. Spider-Man’s roots have been placed deep enough in MCU for Sony to tinker around in their own way. But Sony reportedly is developing a solo movie for the Marvel Spider-verse character Silk! The film, which has been under consideration for some … Read more

Venom Trailer May Have Introduced Another Deadly Symbiote

Sony released a new Venom trailer today and we got to see a more of the titular antihero in it. The trailer gave fans a deeper look on Venom played by Tom Hardy as well as the first look at Riot, played by Riz Ahmed, but it may also have revealed another Marvel Comics symbiote … Read more

Venom: Official Trailer Released and it’s Super Awesome!

Venom Trailer

Get ready to watch the antihero movie – Venom’s first look! Yes, it’s officially here, the trailer for Venom has been released by Sony. Sony has officially released the trailer for the Marvel-inspired Spiderverse villain, Venom – An alien symbiote. Sony had already released a footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and now the trailer … Read more

Upcoming Superhero Movie Release Dates From 2018 to 2019

Halfway into 2018, it has been made clear by the sound of box-office cash registers that most popular genre around these days is superhero movies. Most of its credit goes to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige who dreamed of superhero universe where stories merged with each other leading to a moment of the most significant … Read more

New Venom Trailer finally reveals the Venom portrayed by Tom Hardy

Spider-man Cameo in Venom

Sony Pictures has finally revealed the second trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy in the titular role. The first trailer didn’t give us a single glimpse of the symbiote and that left fans with a broken heart who have been waiting to catch the sight of one of the most celebrated Anti-Hero. However, after months … Read more

Sony’s ‘Venom’ Movie Will Be Based on Two Comic Runs

Sony is bringing Venom to life with Tom Hardy Sony Pictures is working on another most anticipated superhero movie project that is ‘Venom’ from Marvel comics. The official announcement was made during the Sao Paulo comic con. Sony gave few details regarding the live-action film on Venom and film’s director Ruben Fleischer appeared live through … Read more