Take Your Pills is a Netflix original documentary movie based on the increasing consumption of performance-enhancing stimulants in the youth. Directed by Alyson Klayman, whose 2012 directorial feature ‘Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry’ was appreciated, focuses on the life of people from different trades of life be it college goers, tech drones and even major NFL players who have abused on prescription drugs to have an edge in this highly competitive world. This 87-minute long documentary tries to educate you on the various drugs which are being consumed, however, falls short in concluding.

A detailed plot of Take Your Pills

The movie opens with synth music playing in the background and a teenager narrating how morning Adderall pill is like brushing her teeth, and after consuming, the medicine almost takes 40 minutes to kick in. After that, she is exposed to some other world where she starts sweating and focusing on the work. Then the narrative goes on where various people tell how Adderall and other drugs boost their performance. The very explanation and the picturization of the whole description get you interested in knowing more about these drugs.


Klayman has explored the increasing use of drugs, and it’s affected by selecting people from various facets of life. We see how a college student tells that Adderall has become an essential part of her life and provides her much needed push. To her, Adderall delivers extra firepower which helps in scoring the A grade whereas without Adderall it won’t be possible. We also get to see a story of Eben a former NFL who used Adderall after it was prescribed to him by the doctor after his surgery. After that it only helped him getting extra out of himself, he became more responsible. Then similarly we go on the list, tuning to the history of these drugs and how they came into being. Then more positive effects of these drugs on the people who have ADD or ADHD.

The first act of the movie is active, and it somewhat makes you curious about performance enhancement drugs and makes you eager to try them. However, there is a sudden shift in the documentary, and it starts listing the side effects of the various drugs and how big pharmaceuticals are exploiting us. The director is not able to clarify why she suddenly starts bashing the drug which has benefitted significant population who have ADD. She only focuses on the half aspect and that being of abuse by youngsters, addiction, and illegal consumption.


What makes Take Your Pills a Worth Watch?

The concept of the documentary is quite impressive, and trailers were able to bring me to this. The connection to Limitless starring Bradley Cooper makes it a compelling watch. The other aspects that make it worth your time are the picturization of the story and the color theme chosen by the director. The graphics surely add the fun element to it and makes it even interesting when the story is lacking.

What makes Take Your Pills Blahh?

I had high expectations from this one; however, there were too many flaws in the movie that had an exciting plot. The sudden shift towards the negative side of the documentary makes it dull and uninteresting during the second act. Klayman’s failure in putting compelling stories from both perspectives that is drug abuse and how these drugs have helped many kids adds another dent to the story. Along with this too many graphics and unnecessary artwork in between the runtime only confuses the typical viewer.

You can watch Take your Pills on Netflix.