Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Tamilrockers leaks new movie for download online report says

Tamil Rockers has been sitting right under the nose of the movie producers as the biggest movie piracy platform continues his run to leak all upcoming movies. Not in India, the world is under the plague of piracy. Be it a Hollywood movie or international TV show, nothing could survive this disease.

The leaks of the episodes and movies cost millions of dollars to the production companies. These notorious groups do not usually run a single domain, they always have a back, you try to lock down one domain they rise up another.

There is no doubt that Intellectual Property laws are still in the phase of development, and it varies from country to country.

Tamil Rockers movie leaks

The most recent examples of the leak is one of the most awaited TV Shows of the Year, Game of Thrones has been pirated 55 million times, suggests an article from Torrentfreak website.

This is not all, apart from movies, piracy has also plagued the software industry, each day new software gets pirated and distributed to one another unofficially.

There are many Anti-Piracy Solutions companies, but they don’t really bother with torrents groups who are really creating piracy, all they do is get a few links de-indexed and removed.


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