Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Telegram launched new service Telegram Passport

Telegram has launched a new service on its social messaging platform. This new service is named as Telegram passport.

A lot of online services now requires your personal identification for verification purpose. With the launch of this service, Telegram wants to ease the process of storing documents online. Most of the money transfer apps require to verify your personal ID against your documents and with the use of this service you can save your documents in an encrypted format and can access anytime when required. Telegram in a blog post mentioned that Before today, this meant you had to upload the same document scans over and over for each new app. more!”.

Telegram Passport

According to this new service, you will only need to scan and upload the documents once and it will be stored in the Telegram cloud, from where they can be used for online verification. Your documents will be stored in this cloud service via End-to-End encryption method. It can also be encrypted with a password that only you will know.

The company has confirmed that they will have no access to your data stored in Telegram Passport. In a blog post, it has been mentioned that when you will share the data it will be received directly by the recipient.

If you wish to use this feature, you need to tap on settings > Privacy & Security > Telegram Passport

Telegram Passport

Let us know in the comments section your experience about this new feature after using it. We share some how-to article on Telegram Passport in our upcoming posts, so stay tuned with us.


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