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Terribly Tiny Tales Debuts With CAPTURES For IGTV

Terribly Tiny Tales is the world’s most acclaimed micro-fiction platform which is to make its debut in the world of streaming by its freshly created web series titled as CAPTURES which is to be streamed exclusively on Instagrams new feature IGTV. This Terrible Tiny Tales original series is said to air within a month and season 1 will have 14 episodes with a run time of 1-5 minutes sharing the different stories of the people and their lives.

Captures is an anthological series which is shot with an iPhone and have fictionalized personal stories of different genres, from comedy to dark and suspenseful to mere plainly absurd. The web series will give a chance to look into the lives of the people through the videos they created on their phones keeping in mind that vertical videos are in vogue these days so they created this phone content for the phone audience. This new Instagram features IGTV allows videos up to 1 hour in length to stream.

Captures terribly tiny tales

Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Terribly Tiny Tales – ‘Chintan Ruparel’ said that “What we capture on our phones can tell a lot about our lives. Everything that we capture is a story and there are many stories in our phones. In fact, the actors of the series also handled the camera”. They have fictionalized personal stories in the upcoming web series ‘Captures’ and the stories belong to different genres. “It’s fascinating how much what we capture says about us, and the lives we lead. There may be millions of such stories that exist on our phones,” he added.  Chanda Gauranga, who co-created TTT [ Captures ]said, “It was fun, initially, the actors were confused when we told them they’ve to handle the camera and its movements themselves.”

IGTV is already streaming the first three episodes of the Terribly Tiny Tales original CAPTURES.


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